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15-20 pages of forecasts,, and that includes the Full Moon and New Member_Forecast_-_Wednesday_January_22__2014_-_samgeppi_gmail.com_-_GmailMoon forecasts as well.

You can download February 2013 forecast for FR33 – This is what you get every months – as well as the videos explaining what I discuss.

In these daily forecasts I discuss the five things you should know everyday to stay in tune with the universe. They are:

The Moon sign
the Nakshatra
the Tithi
the Day Ruler
the Aspects to the Moon

This is the magic behind the madness of life and those who are keen to these vibrations flourish in life and those who are not keen to them are often in the dark. This is why Vedic astrology is called Jyotish (The Science of Light).

Thankfully you do not have to learn it all yourself in order to be updated and informed everyday. I make videos and now provide the written synopsis, in general AND for career, relationships and spirituality – each week – for each day of your life. So you too can be in the know.