Four, 2 Hour Classes from my Certification Course
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CLASS 1 (2 Hours) 
Relevant Vedic Background
Absolutely Crucial to doing VEDIC astrology is understanding the Vedic principles. Here are several relevant details based on Vedic/Yogic principles that apply to Astrology.

CLASS 2 (2 Hours) 
Astrology, Numerology & Planetary Associations
You must understand why the planetary order is the way it is and how each planet is related to every other one - what it has in common and in conflict with others.

CLASS 3 (2 Hours) 
Rahu and Ketu Examined in Detail (an overview). 
It is impossible to know that subconscious and hidden nature of a person without understanding the Nodes. This is a great overview. 

CLASS 4 (2 Hours) 
Yogas and aspects (Combinations of Power)
Predictive accuracy in astrology is based on understanding the rules that show when karmas will ripen and how they are affecting each other.


WRITTEN MANUAL - Close to 200 Pages

Entire Certification Course Manual (in PDF Form)

The Study Guide to All of these Classes - as well as the class charts, homework and test questions! 

- Relevant Vedic Background
- General Planetary Attributes
- Mars and Signs
- Mercury and His Signs Also we discuss the first "Anchoring Technique" - "Its Elemental".
- Jupiter and His Signs as well as a couple more of the "Anchoring Techniques".
- Venus and Her Signs
- Saturn and His Signs

- Astrology, Numerolgy & Planetary Associations
- Astrology Houses 1 through 4 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of Self and those Anchoring Processes
- Astrology Houses 5-8 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of relationship with others and the Anchoring Processes
- Houses 9 -12 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of our relations to the universe and the Anchoring Processes
- Rahu and Ketu Examined in Detail (an overview). See Rahu / Ketu Course for More Detail.
- Anchoring Conditions: Combustion and Retrograde Examined in Detail. Anchoring Techniques w/ Houses
- Review and Application of Universal Astrology 1 and 2

- Relevant Astronomy and Important Calculations
- Planetary Friendship / Enmity and Dignity
- Houses and Planets as House Rulers
- Harmonic Charts - Calculation, Use and Meaning
- Rasi and Graha Aspects (What They Are and How they Differ)
- Special Characteritics of Signs and Planets (Body Parts, Feet, Directions)
- Yogas (Combinations of Power)
- Components of Shad Bala and How to Use Them


- Nakshatras and Their Use (Extensive - Continuous Focus)

- Integrating Dasas and Transits for Predictive Accuracy
- Dusthana Houses and Rulers

- Reading the Clients Mind, Character and Mood (they are different)

- Shortcuts to Reading Horary Charts and When to use Them

- Zeroing in on What is Most Important in any Chart

- Making Accurate Predictions that Empower Your Clients

- Making A Living Doing Readings (Boundaries, Problem Clients, Your Personal Issues)


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Just 9.97 for 
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The Story of Astroved and "Baba"
Sam Geppi - June 25, 2012
San Francisco, Ca

You may not know this, but in 2010 I was hired as the main teacher of the Astroved University of Vedic Sciences certification Program. Astroved is the Vedic astrology remedial company founded by Dattatreyya Siva Baba (now known mainly as Dr. Pillai) - a known mystic, healer and important guru to Wayne Dyer. 

Here is a picture of me on their website:

The Story of My Experience With This Great Being

The story of how that happened is quite interesting.

I was on the Summer tour with my Guru Amma. At the time i had been extended financially by my traveling and I was nervous about how to pay for it. When I got home from LA - missing my Guru terribly, I received an email from a former student who was wondering if I was interested in discussing teaching an online course - being hired to do so.

Of course I was interested in discussing it. But at the time they were not clear about what they wanted from me or even what they were going to do. Then, as the summer wore on, there were many delays in actually being able to sit down and schedule anything or discuss what they (may have) wanted. It just seemed like another one of those things that was not going to come about. Eventually, I met with two of the folks from Astroved, those responsible for hiring the teachers. They were looking at all of the "big names in Vedic astrology" as possibilities to teach the course or some parts of it. They really were not sure what the program would look like or how to make it happen. But they were very eager to bring "Baba's" dream into fruition of initiating a Certification course. 

So, eventually I laid out to them my approach - the pure Vedic approach - the approach I had just taken 27 weeks teaching / over 52 hours of training. I showed them my approach and manuals from Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, interpreted into our modern language. Then I gave them full access to that four module, 52 hour program I had just taught and off they went.I had no expectations or desires actually.

Unexpected Change of Events

After they left, I thought they would just hire me to teach a few classes (as that was what we had just discussed). But to my very happy surprise, after reviewing the materials and presenting them to "Baba", the decision was made. I was told Baba said "I am comfortable with Sadasiva teaching it", and so it was.

The classes I am sending you today are from the same materials reviewed by Astroved - the foundational courses that shaped their curriculum and that got me hired. I am not bragging here (well maybe a little bit) but they are that good. But it is not just my opinion. This material has been vetted and validated at a very high level, by someone who is generally regarded as a Saint or very holy man. Baba is said to be the reincarnated soul of Dattatreyya and many other enlightened beings from the past.

On The CD You Will Get, I Cherry Picked:
* 4 Key Classes from my Certification Course - 8 hours Worth from the Program.
* The entire 186 Page Manual.

I do this because I want to get high quality teachings in everyone's hands, then let them decide if they want to study further. Because of the world of technology we live in now, I can do that very affordably. You see, I feel that everyone should study astrology today, like they did in the ancient, more enlightened times. And so I do what I can to get good materials in people's hands.

It would be my privilege to get these classes to you. 

This is as big a "no-brainer" as I have 
ever put together.

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This is much, much, more then just an Astrology class. It feels really sacred like spiritual practice.. again, probably because of it's ties to Yoga and Ayurveda. It certainly makes me want to recommit to deepening those personal practices within my life. I feel in the potential of understanding this Universal Astrology, incredible personal transformational implications akin to alchemy- the truth of which I can not consciously fathom with my mind as it is now. Something in me senses that if I dive deeply into it this practice and marinate in it, at the very least I will be able to show up for life in a deeper, more authentic, more empowered way and, that this practice of Vedic Universal Astrology, will inspire some profound glimpses into the true nature of being- that interconnectedness of everything and everyone.

What greater gift is there?

A deep, heartfelt thank you for sharing your knowledge with such passion and compassion.

Ana S
Austin TX 




My experience with Sam's Universal Astrology tele-classes has so far been amazing. His clarity, humor, knowledge is very inspiring and uplifting.
There is no drama in his approach to charts and a lot of demystification and
clarification about the language (sometimes scary) of the old/classic texts which were written in different times. Their actuality and validity can be reviewed through new eyes for our modern world.and Sam is doing an exceptional job in this.

The way we have approached charts reading in the classes has surpassed my
expectations and has helped view the overall picture from different angles.
I would highly recommend Sams teachings/classes for anyone whos either just starting with Jyotish as well as advanced students.

Patrizia Faggi - Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
New York, NY




Sam Geppi has a unique voice in Astrology today where he has managed to adapt his knowledge and his wisdom from Western and Vedic astrology, Yoga, and many other sources combined. The result is that his approach is groundbreaking in the sense that he doesn't divide people but bring them together.

Sam is both pragmatic and holistically minded at the same time. I feel that it is Sams unique visionary quality of spirit and fresh viewpoint that enables him to provide us with new techniques that are mind-blowingly practical and to the point. I think they benefit the professional astrologer as much as the beginner or advanced student.

Sam has very special gifts to share and as a student of Vedic I feel lucky and privileged to be able to learn from him and Ive already been able to adapt his techniques successfully.

Anna Baylac


I have been studying Vedic Astrology on my own with tons of books and also using the net which his how I came across Sam. Everyday I would tune into his Daily Forecast which then intrigued me to purchase his book. The Ascendant 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology. This book is THE most detailed book on the accendants. I just started taking Sams Universal Astrology class and for me the way he ties all the details together in order to better read a chart is amazingand this is only my second class!!! WOW!!! Needless to say this will not be my last class.

Catherine Axn Student of Vedic Astrology
Santa Fe, NM 



If you're looking for sound astrological advice, searching for an astrologer who
will talk understandably with a modern view, wishing to find an astrology teacher who is comprehensive, thorough, and (bless his heart) affordable, youve come to the right place. Ive known Sam (Sadasiva) since 2003 and know what he brings to the table- years of astrological experience and insight supported by a genuine commitment to his spiritual practice. Youll learn a lot from Sam, whether its through a reading, one of his lectures, his books, or his class series. Keep your eye out for all of these! He is highly recommended.

Renate M. Bell- Charleston, South Carolina
ACVA Level 1 certified Vedic Astrologer 


As a student in Sam Geppis Universal Astrology class I must say that I have learned a great deal in a very short time to help me understand mine and others charts..I did western astrology before taking this class and I never saw the reasons why I was like or acted in certain manners, relationships etc . His teaching has brought all this into my life in a few lessons. Sam is a excellent teacher and I appreciate him giving his gifts thru these sevices to others!

I am a Numerologist, Herbalist and a Reikimaster , and also doing other spiritual practices.

Lincoln Calif.


I have been taking the astrology class with Sam Geppi and have been amazed at the information that I have never found in any of my vedic books and I have several. I have been studying for approx 10 years on my own - not good enough! Have to need to have a teacher and Sam is the one to have.

Sam has broken down the planets into tiny little pieces and then put them all
together into a very alive beings. I love the way he has made the planets come to life for me and how in only 4 classes my understanding has deepened 10 fold. I am so looking forward to more and more classes in the future with Sam.

Thanks Sam!

Carole McMechan
Vancouver, BC


I am a western astrologer who has been interested in Vedic astrology for many years and was pleased to hear that Sam was offering his Universal Astrology classes online. I find Sams unique way of conveying the anchoring principles that he is presenting in class to be both illuminating and exciting. What I thought that I knew intellectually concerning some of the basic principles of astrology have taken on a whole new meaning on many levels and thats just in the first two weeks. Thank you, Sam. Please keep it coming!

Pam Jablonski
Twisp, Washington
Astrologer and student


This is as big a "no-brainer" as I have 
ever put together.

Just 9.97 for 
the Shipping 



Sam Geppi:
Sam Geppi is a Vedic Astrologer, writer, teacher and author of "The Ascendant 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology" as well as regular contributor to various publications. He was recently appointed the main instructor of the Astroved University of Vedic Sciences Certification Program. Astroved is the astrology school of Dattatreyya Siva Baba, an important guru to Wayne Dyer among others. "Baba" personally selected Sam to teach this course to his students. 

Sam has developed many home study courses for both beginning and advanced levels and recently developed the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science Certification program. Sam holds the highest titles of Jyotish Kovid and Jyotish Vaschapati from the CVA (affiliated with the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences) and is a level two instructor through the ACVA. Sam has more than twenty-five years of Vedic study and experience.