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Revealed: How to understand the nature of your karma through body, mind and soul in 1 week


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If you have…


•      read many self-help books and explored many New Age teachings which has resulted in a huge collection of books gathering dust on your shelf.

•      tried to study astrology which has ended up in a lot of wasted time and confusion, because teachers can’t explain things clearly.

•      try to find it in others I perceived to be spiritual which led to unfulfilling relationships with people whose values are out of alignment with mine.

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Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology Bundle is a course that will help you to understand the nature of your karma through body, mind and soul in just 1 week.


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Here’s how Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology Bundle will benefit you:


•     The “5 Elements” Cheat Sheet: This is good for you because it shows you how to use the physical, emotional and spiritual building blocks of life to your advantage – with greater prosperity and happiness..

•     The “Evolutionary Process” Method: This is important because it teaches how our karma evolves through Body, mind and spirit and how the planets are the agents of Karma. .

•     Astrology as Sacred Astronomy System: This is vital to your success because You learn how to draw the chart and the basic astronomy / architecture of an astrology Chart (I explain this to clients in 5 minutes in every astrology reading).

•     Planetary Matrix Method: This positively affects your outcome because it teaches “anger” is just discipline in disguise, and what to do about it. The key to remaining consistent and confident in your career and life. How to juggle belief and hope with facts and Scientific proof..

•     The Kala Purusha – Sacred Body in Time : This is great because it connects astrology to the philosophy of Ayurveda with emphasis on the tissues, Elements and qualities of nature. Connecting to the Living Sky and dynamic cycles using astrology transits.


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