Vedic Astrology Certification

Sam Geppi is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science. The Academy trains students through a model that uses the best of technology to the advantage of  students and the teaching process. This allows Sam to keep the classes very affordable and maximize how much direct interaction he can have with each student.Difference-Between-GED-and-Online-High-School-Diploma

For example, the certification course consists of weekly video classes from Sam, uploaded to a common member area. At this member area there is a “members only” forum where members can ask as many questions as they want, and Sam answers them. In addition, there is constant interaction between students in the course with each other, creating a tightknit community of astrology students all studying the same system.

Also, homework is assigned to the students who wish to take it and stay current and up-to-date with Sam (or his senior students) grading homework.

Additionally,  group conference calls are scheduled  intermittently, usually every three classes, in order for students to get their questions answered “live”.

In addition, in person events are planned throughout the certification term in order to connect face-to-face and in real time with each other. have more information